The Eleventh Letter
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The Warrior , The King , The G and The Hustler



War On Drugs
The Eleventh Letter
The Eleventh Letter


Watch the newest Music Video from Canadian Hip Hop Artist  The Eleventh Letter !
This testament to the
golden age of hardcore hip hop displays east coast boom bap elements matched with a barrage of old time lyricism only now seen in the underground rap scene.

The Cannaisseur
Produced by:
Anno Domini
Mixed & Mastered by:
The Eleventh Letter
Album: The Eleventh Letter - Made In Canada(TBA)
Gothic Coalition © 2017 All Rights Reserved

I'd also like to personally thank the
Cecil Hotel in Medicine Hat, AB for letting us use their establishment and the security guard who showed us around and sharing stories of what might be paranormal activity .
- The Eleventh Letter


Hip Hop Album
IT'S BEEN YEARS! since my last project and I think I owe you an explanation, that's exactly why I'm not going to give you one!
INSTEAD! I'd like to anounce the creation of multiple mixtapes that I will be releasing periodically, as I know I have fans from different sectors of Hip Hop.

Firstly! I am first and foremost a Hardcore Hip Hop Artist, everything falls second.
So the first project I plan on releasing has been in the works for 2 weeks now (Well, Weekends on my days off) and I've thus far written 7 Songs with room for collaborations as I've been wanting to work with more artists, once those spots are filled I will begin anouncing their participation leading up to this projects release.

This mixtape will be released one song at a time via the  Gothic Coalition Youtube Channel
so make sure to subscribe as Facebook doesn't exactly look at Youtube in a friendly light.

The Second Project I will be releasing will be of the accumulating "Pop" style songs I've been holding onto and only performing live at LGBTQ+ Events.
​I will be putting less time into the promotion of this project so if you ARE interested in the songs I put out in that style, make sure to simply keep an eye on my pages whether that be Facebook , Twitter or Instagram . .. Or you know... here ....
​It will likely only get one post then I'll be moving on from it.

​I'm still working on "Made In Canada" as this is a self funded project it will take some time, making sure I have the rights to put it's entirety onto streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes and things of the like.
This will be my official debut album and I'm excited for you to hear what I've been working on all this time and I hope you dig it as much as I do.
​- The Eleventh Letter


Urban Exploring
The Eleventh Letter has taken to the gutters!
Urban Exploring has always been a passion of mine since a teenager, I've always been incredibly fascinated by anything Horror related or Horror-esque in general.
Abandoned buildings and dilapidated homes give me a look into the "once was" and "what could be" in the sense that everything around us will one day, be in the same state or worse than the broken buildings I explore, which again are quite reminiscent of what we've deemed horror like.
Given Silent Hill has been my favorite thing to refer to in any conversation regarding the genre as to me it's perfect, beautiful in every sense as I've always loved the rustic nature of a dystopian society where the earth has taken back entire cities (which isn't the case in Silent Hill of course but I do use it's environment as an ideal place to visit).
These buildings are my window into that world and I want to share that with you.

On the other side of the coin in relation to this, searching through eerie buildings in the most desolate locations, or even places like inner Edmonton, home to an abandoned Hospital, I'm HOPING we can find real proof of the paranormal.

I hope you are excited as we are to start this journey.


Marketing Tips and tricks
Hip Hop Album


Though this is an unofficial album cover, you can be sure that The Eleventh Letters debut album [Made In Canada] is in the works!
This self produced album with guest producers Steps Necessary and
Anno Domini  aims to pay homage to former artists such as Nas,   Jay Z , Big L and other East Coast Hip Hop  artists of the like using hard hitting drums and classic samples.
This album promises a nostalgic feel with some new school flavor most prevelent these days in
 Canadian Hip Hop or American Underground Rap .